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Weekly workouts

Posted by coachlisa on September 23, 2007


Check out this week’s latest workout on your own here, and give it a try!

A little bit of GOLF!

Don’t forget to share your comments (and GOLF scores!) from workouts during the week to encourage other mermaidss and to earn your attendance points. 

coach Lisa


2 Responses to “Weekly workouts”

  1. Lisa Stephens said

    Golf Scores: 174,177,164,166,168
    This is tough! I try to increase speed and my stroke count goes up. I try to decrease stroke count and I swim slower. I need to concentrate on my stroke efficiency (which gets sloppy as I get tired). Great workout. Thanks

  2. Joyce LaBaw said

    Hi, Sorry that I missed last week’s class. I was doing my Open Water Scuba Dives at Lake Travis that morning – I’m PADI certified now! At least I was consistent with the Open Water theme. I tried the swim golf workout yesterday. I didn’t have much time, so I only ended up doing the warm-up, drills and 2x 100. I’m embarrassed to post my scores since they are so much worse than Lisa’s, but these were done in a 25 meter pool, so I’m hoping that’s part of the reason. 213, 212. I confess that I found it difficult to keep track of my stroke count over the four lengths. Because I was curious, I also swam one lap where my priority was to minimize stroke count except without the super long underwater kicking start (19 strokes, 35 sec) and one lap where my priority was speed (23 strokes, 27 sec). So that tells me I should try prioritizing speed over glide to get a lower golf score, which I thought was interesting. I’ll have to keep experimenting with this. Thanks, Joyce

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