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Weekly workout to improve your Golf Game

Posted by coachlisa on October 2, 2007


Check out the latest Workout of the week for Oct 1, and give it a try!

A little bit more time to focus on strength drills and your GOLF Game in the pool! Invite your friends for a game!

Don’t forget to share your comments (and GOLF scores!) from workouts during the week to encourage other mermaids and to earn your attendance points. 

coach Lisa


7 Responses to “Weekly workout to improve your Golf Game”

  1. Melissa said

    I really enjoyed last Saturdays workout. It was challenging with a nice variety!
    THANKS! 🙂
    Looking forward to this Saturday!

  2. Sarah Pruiett said

    Did this workout today at lunch and what a GREAT workout! My golf scores ranged from 199 to 206 depending on whether I was swimming stroke count precedent or speed precedent. Definitely worth some more experimentation. The one-arm fly was challenging and I am looking forward to working on that some more on Saturday. The workout energized me for the rest of the afternoon — bonus!!

  3. coach Lisa said

    Hi Sarah,

    Great to hear about the lunch your workout and thank you for sharing your comments, keeping such a positive attitude and encouraging the other mermaids!

    I look forward to hearing about other workouts from the group.

    coach Lisa

  4. Kris said

    I am swimming at Stacey pool which is longer than Balconies pool and my scores range from 156 to 151 for each lap as we did them in class. Any way there they are. I also found the one arm swim challenging and rewarding and found that for me it was easier with the pull buoy. I have also been doing the aqua jog with my swim to keep fit for running. It’s a great workout. See you all on Satuarday

  5. Jennifer said

    Sara and Gracie,
    Thanks for teaching me to freestyle. Did some unexpected open water swimming in Canyon Lake this weekend. Did not have my swim cap so hair got in my mouth if I breathed on both sides so just rotated one way. Did not bring my prescription goggles so did a lot of sighting to see the shore. Was still great. Was fantastic to swim the freestyle in a lake for the first time. I’ve learned so much in your class. Jen

  6. sara said

    Wow Jennifer, sounds like quite a swim! Congrats on your first lake swim and thanks for sharing your story.

  7. Kris said

    This week I have been working on elongation of my whole body rotation and a strong stroke. Sometimes I feel so svelt going through the water and other times well…..

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