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Weekly workout for strength, kick and IM

Posted by coachlisa on October 16, 2007


Find the latest  Workout of the week Oct 15, which is sure to challenge your core strength, leg kick strength and skill abilities with some off stroke swimming. 

For less advanced, you may want to reduce the yardage and sub in regular one arm drills for the fly, or for the more advanced, you may want to add in fly to get the full IM challenge! Enjoy with a friend and reward yourself with a nutritious smoothie afterward!

Definitely remember to share your comments  from workouts during the week to encourage other mermaids and to earn your attendance points. 

coach Lisa


5 Responses to “Weekly workout for strength, kick and IM”

  1. Valerie said

    Thanks to Sara & Gracie at 8:00 a.m., I improved my swim time by 5 minutes from my Triathlons, June (Danskin) to October (Longhorn). Ya Hoo!!! Thanks Ladies!!!

  2. Melissa said

    I enjoyed the Oct 13 workout very much! Challenging, continuous, GREAT!

  3. Sarah Pruiett said

    Did this workout at lunch today. And what a GREAT workout for a chilly pool ’cause it kept me moving. The extra distance was a bonus, too. Since I was on a roll I also threw in a couple of 100s of golf just for the heck of it. There’s several drills done on the back so my front had a chance to get a little sun. This was a great workout all around!!

  4. Joyce LaBaw said

    Ouch! This was tough. I struggled with the one arm fly. I was not able to lift my head enough to breathe and I do so like to breathe. The overkick was also good for me. As Sara has noted, I do not kick much when I swim. So all the kicking in this workout really tired me out. This is definitely a great workout for building up strength. Thanks!

  5. coach Lisa said

    Well done Valerie on the Longhorn swim improvement!

    Joyce, good on you for giving the one arm fly your best shot. It wasn’t meant to be easy. I’m glad the kicking tested your leg strength too. That was the intention. It’s good to revv up the rear-wheel drive of your swim stroke every now and again.

    And Sarah, wow, you added swim golf too! Impressive. I was actually going to as well, but the yardage was getting a little high. Glad you could work on your tan too!

    Keep up the great work mermaids!!

    coach L

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