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    WOMEN FIRST SWIMMING is a year-round program open to women of all ages and abilities who are looking to improve their form and endurance while also enjoying the fun and comraderie of a women-only class. Many of the women in the program are training for triathlons or open water swims.
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Thanksgiving Reminder No Class this Saturday

Posted by coachlisa on November 26, 2010


A reminder that there is NO class this Sat Nov 27. We’ll resume with the final class on Dec 4 at Balcones Pool.

Coach invites you to a non-coached swim at Balcones Pool at 10 am. Work off the turkey n stuffin with a great swim workout!

If you are unable to make that, consider doing the workout I created for the New Year — 20 100s to Swim for Gratitude and Hope for 2010. The workout incorporates all the key elements of a good workout (warm up, kicking, drills, strength, pacing, sprinting, and recovery), plus a special bonus on suggested focuses for gratitude and hope. 

I like to instill in all our mermaid trainees the importance of having gratitude for the opportunity to move our bodies, and be in a pool when so many others in the world are not nearly as fortunate (they might be in hospital, disabled, at war, or in poverty).

I continue to be grateful for the opportunity to gather an exceptional group of women and help them enjoy swimming and be coached  by some awesome coaches. Extra special gratitude goes out to Coach Sara who has been dedicated to weekly Saturday mornings to share her enthusiasm for swimming and helping hundreds of mermaid women over the last 5 years!

Coach Lisa


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