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    WOMEN FIRST SWIMMING is a year-round program open to women of all ages and abilities who are looking to improve their form and endurance while also enjoying the fun and comraderie of a women-only class. Many of the women in the program are training for triathlons or open water swims.
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What day are classes held for the Women First Swimming program?

The program has been held for the last 16 years on Saturday mornings. Our mermaid swimmers enjoy starting their weekends with a fun fitness swim.

Where is the Women First Swimming program?

Classes have been held at many different pools throughout Austin. Currently, we find ourselves at Great Hills Country Club (at 5914 Lost Horizon Dr.). It is a well maintained heated pool with change rooms and showers. We have often had summer classes at City Pools when they are available. The most commonly used pool our program has been held at has been Balcones Neighborhood Pool at 12012 Amherst Dr in Northwest Austin. It is a heated pool with full showers and change rooms available.   

How much does a session cost?

The 8-week Summer 2017 session is $95.
Contact Director Lisa Lynam to discuss pro-rated fees for partial programs. Find more info on Payment methods here.

What kind of swimmers participate in the program?

Women First Swimming is for the beginner to intermediate level female looking to improve her swimming skills, form, and endurance while also enjoying the comraderie of a women-only class. Many of our swimmers are training for their first (or 15th!) triathlon but others are swimming for fitness and fun.

I’m a beginner, what if everyone else is better than me?

Women First Swimming program caters to swimmers of all abilities. The coaches want to make your experience a productive and fun one. Swimmers of all levels use drills for stroke refinement and skill instruction for developing swimming capacity and open water swim confidence. Coaches are commited to challenge each level with new skills and workout sets.

I’m a moderate to advanced level swimmer, will the class be challenging enough for me?

Swimmers are divided into lanes based on ability. Advanced lanes can expect a challenging 2000 yds+ workout every Saturday. Fun activities are incorporated into workouts, along with new skills and techniques. More advanced swimmers find benefits in a regular workout with form focus and feedback, coaches who will push you to keep improving your swim skills from whatever level you are at. Women also enjoy the positive energy and the camraderie of other women that makes their swimming a more fulfilling activity to enhance life wellness.

Since the pool is outdoors how does weather affect practice?

The pool is heated for year-round swimming. Practice is held except when it is lighting or below freezing. If the weather is questionable, check the website for updates. Unless swimmers have been notified of a cancellation via email, the coach will most likely show up to the pool to determine with the City life guards if practice can be held. If practice can’t be held, the best attempt will be made to hold a make-up class. Mermaids in past classes have swam in rain and even snow flurries. One time the air temperature was 33 degrees while the pool remained a toasty 80 degrees!

Want more info? Contact program Director Lisa Lynam: womenfirst@hotmail.com

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