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    WOMEN FIRST SWIMMING is a year-round program open to women of all ages and abilities who are looking to improve their form and endurance while also enjoying the fun and comraderie of a women-only class. Many of the women in the program are training for triathlons or open water swims.
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Mermaid Spotlight

Lane of Fame: Sandy Morris – Decadent Mermaid 2017

Q. How long have you been swimming with the Women First program?
I started swimming with Women First in 2007.

Q. What keeps you coming back for early Saturday morning classes every week?
I come back because I love swimming and I feel like every week I learn better ways to do things. I also love the challenge every week!

Q. What have you noticed most about the change in your swimming since joining the program?
When I joined the program I could not swim all the way across Deep Eddy. That same year I participated in my first triathlon. I was amazed that in only a few months I could go from 100 feet to half a mile. Now I welcome a good mile swim every time I get in the pool and feel like I get more efficient with every class I take.

2010 Danskin tri
Sandy before the Danskin with Joyce (L) and Sarah (R)

Q. What drill do you like best and why?
In a sick way my favorite drill is 3 – 5 – 7 – 9s (breathing only every 3, 5, 7, 9 strokes) — it’s a huge challenge every time especially the 9s!

Q. What things are you working on now in your swimming?
I’m working on speed with good form.

Q. What do you like about your fellow mermaids?
I love swimming on Saturdays, and swimming with the other mermaids is one of the things I like best! I feel like swimming with such a committed group of women pushes me hard every week and provides great support.

Q. What has been your progress in triathlon and race or event successes so far?
I participated in my first triathlon in 2007, the year I turned 40, and swimming was the thing I was most worried about. After finishing the Danskin that year, I was hooked! Now when people ask me, I tell them my sport of choice is swimming! A few weeks ago I swam in a fundraiser and won third place for distance in my age group. I swam one lap more than 2.5 miles! (you should have seen the woman who won – she rocked) Needless to say, I was always “picked last” as a kid and this was the first time I ever won anything based on my athletic ability. Man did it feel good!


Sandy Morris takes the Polar Plunge into Glacier Bay’s 37 degree water…brrr!


2 Responses to “Mermaid Spotlight”

  1. Mom said

    You rock, kid! I am so proud of you!

  2. emily said

    GO GIRL!

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